Miami Beach Swordfish

If you are looking to do battle with the toughest game fish South Florida has to offer, evening/night swordfishing off Miami beach in the gulf stream is your best bet. Capt. Ralph specializes, and is extremely experienced in evening swordfishing charters.

South Florida has an excellent swordfish fishery and swordfish are truly one of the toughest predators and hardest fighting fish in the ocean. This is what makes the swordfish - the gladiator of the sea. Once an angler feels the power of a swordfish and the beauty of it in the boat or upon release, he or she will be hooked for a lifetime.

Swordfishing has greatly improved off the coast of Miami, Florida in recent years. With the closing of commercial long lining off south Florida, we are able to truly enjoy some of the best broadbill fishing in the world! While some nights are better than others, we are getting multiple shots at swordfish just about every night. The great thing about these fish is you don't know how big the fish that you're fighting is going to be. Swordfish off Miami Beach average approximately 100 lbs., but catches of 200-300 lbs. fish are common, with an occasional 500+ lbs. fish always a possibility. Broadbills are the toughest billfish that swim the oceans and will test the endurance of any angler seeking their trophy of a lifetime.

With the correct tackle and experience, we have hooked many anglers too their first swordfish. All our gear is set up for the angler to fight the swordfish on standup tackle. Our average nights are 8 hour trips, but we have been known to be hooked up to large and uncooperative swordfish through the night and past daybreak. We have the gear and experience so give us a call to put you on the fish of a lifetime!

Capt. Rafael Mayans
305-773-2282 or 305-965-8155

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